Astro Vastu Course: Learn KP Astrology and Remedial Astro Vastu

Course Title: Remedial Astro Vastu using KP Astrology
Objective: Learn how to identify problems based on Horoscope and design simple remedies
Trainer: Chandra Shekhar
Start Date: Email Support to inquire
Batch Time: 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM Indian Standard Time (Monday to Friday)
Sessions: 25 (1 hour each session)
Language: English
Medium: Zoom (Session recording will be provided as a Private Video on YouTube)
Software: Latest version of KPNoX+ for Windows
Fees: INR 21,000/- (includes 1 year Subscription for KPNoX+)

If you are outside India and wish to enroll for the course, you can use PayPal to pay. The fees is USD 325/- and includes 1 year Subscription for KPNoX+ worth USD 66/-.

Please Download, Install and Register KPNoX+ to make sure it works well on your PC before you enroll for the online course or purchase recorded sessions.

Can't Attend Live Classes? Get the Recorded Version Now!

You can now get access to the complete set of recorded videos (25 sessions) for INR 15,000/- (via Paytm) or USD 275/- (via PayPal) which includes 1 year Subscription for
KPNoX+ for Windows. Click here for more details.


Videos (Including Previous Course Sessions)

Steps for Horoscope Analysis How to Read Rahu and Ketu Results Balancing Techniques: Basic Tips in Astro Vastu
Vastu Directions as per Rashi (Zodiac Signs) Destiny vs Freewill (What's the difference?) Prashna Kundli Analysis
Steps to Analyze any Chart How Dasha, Bhukti and Antara at birth is Calculated Significations and Importance of Saturn

How to Check Sale of Property

How to use Fortuna Point in KP

Using Transit to verify if BTR is Required


Course Content

Introduction to KP Astrology Planets, Houses and Zodiac Signs
Reading a Chart Dasha, Bhukti and Antara
Aspects and Conjunction Rahu and Ketu
Sub Lord and Ruling Planets Prashna Kundli (Horary)
Case Studies on Education, Career, Property, Travel, Marriage and Child Birth Importance of Transit
Extended Sub Lord Analysis → Birth Time Rectification (BTR)
Introduction to Vastu Elements and Colors
Directions and Entrances Analyzing a Plan
Cycles of Creation, Control and Destruction Balancing Techniques in Vastu
Astro Vastu Basics Horoscope Mapping
How to Identify Issues and Perform Remedies Live Case Studies and Clarification Session

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