Learn KP Astrology and Vastu Techniques

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KP Astrology Vastu
Fundamentals of Krishnamurti Paddathi

Vastu Directions and their Ruling Planets

9 Planets and their Significations

The 5 Elements of Vastu Shastra

12 Houses and their Significations 16 Zones and 32 Entrances according to Vastu Shastra
Introduction to the Zodiac Signs (Rashi) Metals and Shapes of the 5 Elements

Rashi Chart vs KP Chart and why you need them both

Zones and Attribues - Part 1
Case Study - Issues in Job or Profession Zones and Attribues - Part 2
Case Study - Child Birth (Delayed or Denied) Zones and Attribues - Part 3
Case Study - Higher Education Abroad Understanding Disha Shool and implementing the Remedy
How to read/interpret Aspects in KP using KPNoX  
How do I Add a City/Place in KPNoX?  

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